Saturday, February 6, 2016

Meeting Nefertiti at Tel Aviv

Urban sketcher always attracts people. It's easy to start conversation with someone sitting at the middle of the street and drawing his surrounding. It can be just a few words, someone would drop while passing by, or it can start real conversation and sometimes connection.
Last time I met my friend and fellow sketcher Nathan at the "Congress Bazel" bar, our sketching meetings almost always accompanied by some food ;) After finishing plate with hummus and shawarma we had a perfect mood for sketching customers of this very typical Tel-Avian place.

Suddenly, colorful woman with dreadlocks designed into a tall tower on her head approached our table and started to talk to us. After a while, he and her husband passed to seat with us and we continued chatting as an old friends and sketching them, of course! She told us the she's also an artist (sure!), she's painting on a flour kind of oriental carpets (she showed us pictures). She also communicates with spirits and ghosts (of course!), if we need once. They live in kibbutz and are inviting us to come and to be their guests whenever we want. From the first glance Etti (that's her name) reminded me the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, because of her hair style. "Don't I look like Nefertiti?" - she asked me while I was drawing her. 

Sketching really opens a gateway the people's hearts.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The good, the bad and the ugly - sketching at Atarim Square

There are some places in Tel Aviv I connected to. They aren't the prettiest ones, but they got some special mood or energy. Atarim Square is one of them. Weird and almost ugly square, located near the beach in Tel Aviv, two levels above sea level, connected to the promenade and to Sderot Ben-Gurion. The square was build in the late 1970s, today almost abandoned, filled by graffiti, being crossed by tourists, joggers, dog walkers and prostitutes - all these add to the atmosphere.
We met at the square for our last Sketchcrawl, and it was interesting to hear people's personal connections to this place - some of them remembered the times when it was build!
And of course, it was so cool to see how different everyone see this place through theirs sketches!
Here are my points of view on this place:
everybody included in their sketches those strange mushrooms

soldier checking on his cellphone, who left after a few minutes, and the "Colosseum" on the background

steps leading to the promenade
sketch I did a few weeks before, capturing one of the colorful graffiti

Monday, December 28, 2015

Two weddings

Last month we visited two weddings - great opportunity to eat, dance and... sketch ;)
The first one - Georgian family:

The second one - French-Moroccan family:

It was fun! I don't think I would like to show my sketches to their's "models", thought ;)

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Hospital sketches

I spent almost all last week in the hospital with my son, who had an accident and got hurt at his hand. These sketches where done while waiting to him to get from the surgery - the only thing that helped me to calm down a bit. The surgery went well :)

Religious woman is praying and a man from Azerbaijan is telling his story

Jews and Arabs are waiting together

religious man is praying, Russians are telling stories

Shai's watching "House" at the hospital 

friends came to visit
I don't recommend you to get to hospitals, but once you're there - there are plenty of stories and authentic characters to sketch. And sketching passes time in a best way :)
Take care!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Sketchcrawl at The Yemen Vineyard

At last Friday morning, sunny and cold, we met at the Yemen Vineyardfor for the sketchcrawl . I love this beautiful corner of Tel Aviv, full of nostalgic atmosphere, colorful characters, and authentic food. Everybody found there a lot of nice stories, and here are mine:
everything in pita at the corner of the Hacarmel market
the dog - the king of the street

humus "Shlomo & Doron"

two guys with strong gazes

Friday morning meeting of friends - they were happy to provide their names ;)
The time flied fast as ussual, and the sketchcrawl ended with a nice meal (of course!). Sorry, I didn't sketch the excellent soup and humus I had!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

At "Beta and Grega"

Beta and Grega - is the name of the coffee shop at the corner of Alenbi and Levontin streets in Tel Aviv. This area of the south of the city is full of contrasts - beautiful renovated Bauhaus buildings and crumbling walls full of graffiti, trendy coffee shops full of celebs and beggars passing through.
As you can understand - perfect place for sketching and finding stories.
it was Nathan's last day with his new beard ;)
Cowboy in Tel Aviv

Sima - woman that lives at the street, everybody knows her, asked us to draw her

Saturday, November 28, 2015

November beach

Some sketches I did on one of Jaffa's beaches at one of perfect November days.
Dog and his owner - don't they look alike?

tourist in red swimming suit and a fisherman
beach panorama
pigeons - the lords of the beach
the food at the end, as usual!