Sunday, July 5, 2015

More stories from Loveat

Here are more sketched stories from coffee shop Loveat, done during our lust sketchcrawl. Coming to the same place again and again for sketching (and drinking, of course!) makes me feel totally at home - so fun!
the whole family is feeding the baby

two girls in the middle of the serious conversation about art and sense of life

a couple talking about vacation

the most beautiful girl in the coffee shop

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Stories from the market

Carmel Market in Tel Aviv is always full of stories - you need just to be quick enough to put them on the paper.
This market seller asked me to draw him and was very surprised when I agreed. "I'm 40 years at the market, we had here photographers and reporters that came to interview us, but nobody never came here to draw us!"

The day of sketching always ends with a good meal!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

A perfect place for sketching free models

Here are some recent sketches done on a beach - a perfect place for sketching free models in action.
Yes, it's hot and noisy, and the amount of choices is so big that it takes a while to filter and to choose what to sketch. And yes, the models are moving all the time - but isn't this part of the challenge and what makes sketching on a beach so fun?

Thursday, May 28, 2015

At Loveat again

Here are some more sketches done in the different branches of coffee shop Loveat - I was checking places for our Sketchcrawls.
Every place has it's internal pace and life of its own. When you come the same place several times, you start to see familiar faces, feel more at home.
I tried out different points of view and different materials, looking for the sketch that tells the story best. But maybe all of them are telling the different side of the same story.

view on the front side of the Loveat at Barzilai - people out and inside, divided by the glass

they look like permanent clients 
view on the street - palms vs skyscrapers

interactions and overheard conversations at Habima branch

the man and his tablet
See you tomorrow at the sketchcrawl, sure will find some more stories!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Coffee & sketch at Loveat

A cup of coffee and a sketchbook always go great together. Our last sketchcarwl at the branch of Loveat at Nahalat Benyamin was flawing smoothly - nice spring weather, charming coffee shop, lively surrounding, great company and plenty of models - what else could you ask?
I was sitting near the bar and sketching this panoramic drawing - I wasn't needed to move!

:I did this sketch at the another branch of Loveat at Brazilai St. a week ago

 !See you at the next Sketchcrawl

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Summer is here!

This weekend was a perfect beach weather, looked like the whole country missed the sea and went there...

What a perfect place for sketching!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Sketch-trip to Lisbon - part 3

Finally I'm writing the last post about my Lisbon adventure, here are part 1 and part 2 of the trip.
Freedom Revolution Workshop, the workshop I was invited to give, was planed to the last day of my stay. Our meeting point was at the charming Largo do Carmo - small beautiful square, which I had a chance to sketch a day before. The weather wasn't perfect - cloudy and rainy. But of course it couldn't stop our group of enthusiastic sketchers to gather and to enjoy the day.

After the short acquaintance round, when each one introduced himself and told in a few words why he loves sketching, we dived into our people-sketching-without-fear workshop. The first exercise called "Capture Emotion!", and its purpose was to learn to look around us, find characters with interesting facial expressions, and capture emotions in expressive and fearless way. Some sketchers started to swim immediately, as fishes in the sea, others were needed some time to warm up, but all of them had fun and were very brave!

I did some fast portraits, just to feel the exercise ;)

Here are some great results of capturing emotions, although we tried to focus on the process:
Rain become stronger, and we moved to the covered Rossio Train Station and started with our second exercise - "Capture Action!". As you can guess, this time we focused on body language and on capturing action. Drawing people in motion is one of the most difficult missions for the sketcher. There are no tricks or magic tools to get this skill, except practice and training our visual memory and our eye-hand coordination. All you need is to be brave, to start and not to afraid to do a lot of "bad" drawings. Flower vendors were selling  everywhere red carnations - the symbol of the Portuguese Revolution, which was celebrated at this day. Our group probably got some of revolutionary spirit and sketched fearlessly people in action.
I couldn't help not to sketch the carnation selling woman:

Here are some great sketches of people in action:
After a 3-hour sketching session we had a lunch break (which included some sketching again ;)), and arrived to the our final sketching point - Praça do Comércio, well-burned in my memory since the final Sketchcrawl of the Lisbon USk Symposium took place there. Now, when we were warmed up, and had practiced sketching people in action and describing their emotions through their expressions and body language, we were ready to put them in their surroundings. So, in the final exercise sketchers asked to put their "heroes" into the scene. Everybody spread out looking for the interesting stories.

Here are the stories from the square, every sketch tells different narrative, from different point of view and with different mood, and that's all the story about urban sketching for me!
our amazing group!
It was wonderful experience with amazing, enthusiastic and talented group of sketchers, I enjoyed a lot and also absorbed a lot - no doubt that teaching is the best way to learn! I want to thank again my Portuguese hosts -  Mário LinharesJosé Louro and Ketta Linhares, for inviting me. I have to say that I felt a bit envy of Lisbon USk branch - they have a wonderful group of so many talented sketchers and educators, leading the huge group of sketch-lovers from Lisbon and not only. It was a pleasure to meet in person! Here are posts by some of the participants: by Mário Linhares part 1 and part 2,  by Pedro Loureiro, by Paula Cabral.

It was a wonderful sketch-trip, Lisbon will be always in my heart (and in my sketchbook ;)).
Now, when the Lisbon trip is over, I'm looking forward to the Singapore USk Symposium, where I'll be teaching together with my friend and fellow sketcher Ea Ejersbo this workshop in a bit different format. See you there!!!