Sunday, April 17, 2016

Feeling like a tourist in Jerusalem.

Last Friday I joined newborn Jerusalem USk branch for a sketchcrawl. Every time I visit Jerusalem I feel like a tourist, this city is so different from every place in Israel, it has a plenty of levels, each time it shows me his different side.
The skechcrawl was at very colorful part of Jerusalem - Nachlaot Neighborhood and it was fun to meet new sketchers. Here what I managed to sketch.

I loved colorful lamps decorating pedestrian street and couldn't help not to draw it.
 I did this sketch trying to capture other sketchers sketching :)

Various public filled Zion Square
 There were a group of teenagers dancing and trying to fund-raise money for something.

group of young people smoking Shisha

amazing girl-violinist playing at the Zion Square

people passing by

and listening to the music

religions Jews offering to put Tefillin  

two religious Jews
It was a great sketching-trip - feeling a tourist sharpen my vision and makes me look better.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sketching "One Moment"

Last Thursday our local USk group was invited again to be correspondents of the Municipality of Tel Aviv event - "One Moment, art in unsuspected places". As usual, the combination of live shows, various public and great company worked perfect!
Here are what I had succeed to "hunt".
the great band

the security guard

another security guard

nice to see the variety of ages

the nice clown

the sound team

the beer team
We displayed our sketches during the event and it was fun to see people finding themselves inside them :)

brave sketchers that stayed until the end...
It was great event, you can see more photos here.

Monday, April 4, 2016

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Magic Alps

Last week we went to the family ski vacation, where  I was mostly... skiing ;)
Still, I managed to steal some minutes in different days to sketch the breathtaking view from my room window. Every time I looked at the window I wanted to draw the view. It's just so different from my regular surrounding. It's pure magic!

take 1 - watercolor

take 2 - graphite

take 3 - colored pencils
These are fast sketches during Après-ski ;)

I miss you, Alps!!!!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Friday morning at the Greek Market in Jaffa

Friday morning we meet at the Greek Market in Jaffa for the sketchcrawl. It was perfect spring weather, little by little narrow streets started to become full by merchants and buyers.
Here every merchant feels like an owner of his street. At least Arik, who manages used bicycles shop, feels as a king of his corner. He yells on his workers, bargain with clients, arguing with competitors, chatting with passers by. He was very proud to be our "model". "In real life I'm ugly! Draw me young and beautiful!" - asked Arik the wish of the most of models ;)
Later I sit down to drink a coffee at one of the coffee shops, full of models as well.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Weekend in Prague

Here are some sketches I managed to do during the last weekend, I spent with my husband in Prague (his birthday present).
Prague is really beautiful city, sometimes it's too beautiful - charming Old City's streets look as they taken direct from the Disneyland ;) Usually I don't fancy drawing places that are too pretty. But luckily, there are people around and they always give me subjects for my sketches.

colors on the grey background of the Old City Square
having beer and waiting for the jazz

live jazz in one of Prague bars

next evening out - Cuban music in another bar

street musicians playing at farmers market
lunch at famous Cafe Savoy 

Sculpture at the park near Vltava river

the last night at Pizza Nuova

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Meeting Nefertiti at Tel Aviv

Urban sketcher always attracts people. It's easy to start conversation with someone sitting at the middle of the street and drawing his surrounding. It can be just a few words, someone would drop while passing by, or it can start real conversation and sometimes connection.
Last time I met my friend and fellow sketcher Nathan at the "Congress Bazel" bar, our sketching meetings almost always accompanied by some food ;) After finishing plate with hummus and shawarma we had a perfect mood for sketching customers of this very typical Tel-Avian place.

Suddenly, colorful woman with dreadlocks designed into a tall tower on her head approached our table and started to talk to us. After a while, he and her husband passed to seat with us and we continued chatting as an old friends and sketching them, of course! She told us the she's also an artist (sure!), she's painting on a flour kind of oriental carpets (she showed us pictures). She also communicates with spirits and ghosts (of course!), if we need once. They live in kibbutz and are inviting us to come and to be their guests whenever we want. From the first glance Etti (that's her name) reminded me the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, because of her hair style. "Don't I look like Nefertiti?" - she asked me while I was drawing her. 

Sketching really opens a gateway the people's hearts.