Thursday, July 13, 2017

People from HaTikva Market

Hot Friday morning at the beginning of July - nothing couldn't stop us to meet for the sketchcrawl at the HaTikva Market - small market in the South Tel Aviv.
It's really perfect place for sketching, with plenty of authentic stories, colorful characters, without poses and without air conditioner ;) Yes, it's challenging, but once you got the adrenaline of sketching, you don't care about the heat, the shouts, you simply flow with them.
I started sketching from the entrance to the market - vibrant place where people move non stop, caring their shopping bags - you need to hurry on Friday morning to be ready for the Sabbath evening!

We were sitting opposite to small Shawarma place, so I couldn't not to sketch its owner, chatting with his customers about everything - from politics to arts and everything in between...
After the warm up we dived into the market! I couldn't help not to stop near the beautiful melons-seller, reminding by herself ripe melon ;)  
In the meat place were more reddish atmosphere ;)
Some more sketches from the central avenue of the market - and time was up.

There is nothing better than sketching in the authentic place, were real life is going on. Such a place fascinates me million times more than any fancy aesthetic place, here are people without poses, and stories without poses. I must to come back for more!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Music, to draw it!

Yesterday I was sketching at very cool event - "Music, to draw it!" It was organized by Tel-Avivian internet radio station Teder, which consistently organizes music evens in various styles. People in all ranges of age - young, old, families with children, were sitting by the tables equipped by markers and paper, and drawing, accompanying by music. Great local beer and pizza were adding to the atmosphere. Without a doubt, music and drawing (and beer) - is the perfect formula :)

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The parliament at HaTikva Market

HaTikva Market, a small market in the poor south Tel Aviv HaTikva neighborhood, actually is a perfect place for sketching! It's much more calm, wide, clean and authentic than his famous brother - HaCarmel. There are a lot of atmosphere, nobody interested in what you're doing - it filled mostly by locals, and they are busy by doing their shopping and nothing else.
At one of the corners of the market there is a great place for getting kubbe soup. People that are sitting around a table and chatting look like  an everyday comers - kind of a local "parliament".

Looks like we found our next Sketchcrawl location!

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Saturday on the beach

Summer is here in all its power and, of course, it's pretty hot. So, if you can't beat them - join them! The best way to enjoy the weather is to be on the beach, to feel the breeze, to have a drink, to enter to the fresh water and... to sketch, of course - beach is always full of perfect models!

Monday, June 12, 2017

All colors of rainbow - sketching at the Pride Parade.

I checked very well that I have a sufficient range of colors in my pencil case before I left to our last sketchcrawl - we decided to go and sketch at the Tel Aviv Pride Parade! I wasn't sure that I'll be able to concentrate, it was possible that this colorful human mess would sweep me away and wouldn't allow me to be in the position of the observer. It took me a while until I pulled off my sketchbook, but once I did, I couldn't stop!
The atmosphere was great, finally nobody cared about the group of people sketching what's going on - anyone around us were more peculiar and strange than we were, and set of colored pencils hanged on my neck looked like a small pride flag.

It was really awesome experience, now I need to wait a whole year until the next time!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Trip to South America - part IV - connection in Madrid.

So, we left Rio and landed in Madrid, where we had a 12 hours waiting to our connection flight. Great opportunity to taste some tapas and to do some sketches :)

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Trip to South America - Part III, Paraty.

The last destination of our trip was Brazil. We landed in Rio, rented a car and headed to the Paraty direction, were we rent a hotel near the beach. The view during the taxi was so different from any place I have been before - all these tropical plants, bizarre mountains, azure sea, colorful cities made us exclaim all the way: "wow!"
Finally, when it was already dark, we arrived to the hotel, left our stuff and went to the closest restaurant to eat.
The view that I saw when I woke up in the morning and got out from our room, made me feel that I'm still dreaming. I sat down in the armchair, at the edge of the small swimming pool, surrounded by tropical plants and facing a harbor full of boats, surrounded mountains and greens. It was quiet... I prepared myself a coffee and... started to sketch! Of course, my sketch is nothing to compare to the reality, but it is make me refresh perfectly my feeling at that first morning in Paraty!
 Here are more sketches I did, mostly during the meals, when I had a chance not to hinder my family.

We spent a magic week in the Paraty area and came back to Rio for the last three days of the trip.
Will be continued!