Sunday, July 15, 2018

Memories from Vor Ort - expo and workshop in Mainz

It was really wonderful experience - I was honored to take a part in Vor Ort - an exhibition and a workshop project organized and hosted by Landesmuseum Mainz and Jenny Adam in association with Urban Sketchers, Teaching and exhibiting with such a great group of sketchers and friends: Lapin BarcelonaSebastian KochJohanna KrimmelInma Serrano, and Felix Scheinberger.

Now, when I'm back home, left with my sketches and memories, which remind me this fabulous weekend - perfect combination of exhibition, workshops and, the most fun - a lot of great interactions between us, sketchers, coming from different backgrounds, different countries, but having so much in common! ♥

Here you can see some photos from my workshop "Face to Face" - all the participants did just great, practicing portraits in not traditional approach, trying to get real likeness, connecting to the emotional side, seeing personality in each character and, finally, finding and telling stories with the portrait!!! it was so fun!
Now, I'm warmed up very well for Porto USk Symposium - see you there!!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Noamy's Birthday Sketchcrawl

It was very special sketchcrawl, dedicated to 15th Birthday of one of our group's youngest members Noamy. Noamy's sketches are always inspire me, her vision and hand are so fresh and she succeed not to fall to an automatic solutions and approaches. We all tend to fall into our comfort zone, to use tools and  techniques we're "good" in, and for me it's very inspiring to see bold brave voice full of talent.
Orna, Noamy's mother, hosted us in her beautiful and very artistic house in Jaffa. It's amazing that short time after everybody arrived, greeted each other and chatted a bit, suddenly the house became silent and the scribbling of pencils were the only noise in the air :)
It was a nice opportunity to sketch other sketches - something I don't allow to myself usually at our sketchcrawls.

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Sketchwalk with Jane's Walk.

Yesterday our group joined the Jane's Walk events. Actually, our usual sketchcrawl format fits the concept of Jane's walks perfectly. As it described on its official page - "Jane’s Walk is movement of free, citizen-led walking conversations..." We also do "citizen-led walking conversations", our conversations are our sketches. The process of walking, loitering without any purpose is a good beginning for finding a spot for sketching. Looking at everyday with eyes of a tourist is a must point for finding interesting story.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Tango dancers in Jaffa

Milonga in Jaffa, in the heart of the old city, between churches, minarets and synagogues, hummus and baklava eaters, fitted somehow perfectly to the colorful atmosphere of this place. Last year during our trip to South America, I was lucky to sketch milongueros in the place were tango was born - Buenos Aires. I was surprised to discover that our local community looked not less professional! Dancers came equipped with their dancing shoes, dressed as it supposed from tango dancers, in different ages and origins, but all burning from inside with similar passion, they created magic when they moved together with music.
It's so inspiring to see  a group of people united by common passion. Especially when they so beautiful as tango dancers! It took to me a while to start to sketching - I was fascinated and felt like sketching with my eyes. But after a few clumsy lines, little by little I entered to the pace... It was real fun!