Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Abandoned teddy bear and the process of illustration

I wanted to share here an another process of creating an illustration. Every time I illustrate, I'm trying to keep in a final work the freshness and spontaneity of sketch, that done on location. The illustration was for the "street" column in internet magazine Hapinkas, series of a short stories about a little boy that explore streets around him.This one was about a teddy bear abandoned on a street. So I took my sketchbook and got out to look for a nice location for the story. I found it in one of the neighborhood's gardens - bench with sleeping cat surrounded by trees and buildings.
Then I've back to the studio and continued to work on the illustration, looking for the right character of the boy - the hero of the story.
Here is the final illustration:
Here is another one I did later for the same column - the boy continuing to explore the street and found the reflection of the blue bird in the puddle:


  1. Yes Marina! It is especially good that you do not lose the naif stroke that your sketches have in the final illustration. That kind of line and the way you color is really pretty. This is what I value most about your work. (sorry about my bad english- probably google traductor is worse)

  2. thanks a lot, Inma! really happy you think so, I'm a fan of your works!

  3. thank you, darling! happy you like it!