Friday, April 19, 2013

WW SketchCrawl 39 at Charles Clore Beach

We've got perfect weather and perfect site for WW SketchCrawl 39. Beaches and promenades were always my favorite sketching places. But at this season, a moment before it gets too hot, it's really perfect place!
I've started with the view on the promenade, capturing some of my fellows sketchers
After warming up, my friends and I moved to Alma Beach coffee shop and a half of the place were filled by us, sketchers ;-)

view to the beach from Alma Beach coffee shop

at Alma I've captured some other sketchers at work :-)

Then I get down to the beach and captured some views there:
It is always nice to see familiar faces of sketchers that coming every sketchcrawl. And it's even nicer to see newcomers that joined for the first time and rediscovered the joy of sketching after a break of many years!


  1. Very nice drawings. I feel jealous! I'm sorry. See you soon!!!

  2. thank you, Swasky! You don't need to be jealous, your sketches are so great! and yes, looking forward to sketching together in BCN!