Monday, February 10, 2014

All the square's a stage

Our last Sketchcrawl took a place at Magen Daviv Square - very busy point in Tel Aviv, which turns at Friday mornings to one of the best shows in the city! People that rush to shop at the Carmel Market, or to hang around at artist's market Nahalat Benyamin, or to drink a cup of coffee at Shenkin street, cross the square, which surrounded by buildings in various architecture styles. Street performers, beggars, orthodox Jews offering to put tefillin, armed policemen - everything mixed into one never ending show, bizarre and real simultaneously...
All that urban sketcher need to do at that place - is to sit down, to observe, and to try to capture the stories as fast as he can.

It was so fun, as always, to meet our constantly growing sketchers group, to chat, to share, to get some inspiration!

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