Singapore USk Symposium - part 1

A few weeks passed since I'm back from Singapore. It was my third USk Symposium and I tried to prepare myself to the experience, but of course it didn't help. I remember myself thinking during the Symposium - "try to freeze the moments! try to keep the feeling in your memory!" But everything comes to its end, and here I'm, with my photos, souvenirs and the most precious, my sketchbooks - all that left after this amazing week!
Singapore itself, with its super kind and friendly citizens, plus all the local organizers of the Symposium, gave me a feeling of home. Meeting the international sketchers gang felt to me like the classmates reunion - it was so great meeting old friends, and getting know in person new ones, hanging out together, chatting, drinking & eating, and, of course, sketching! I was honored to be a part of the Symposium faculty, so very fun and special teaching experience added to all the others, I will write about it in my next post.
Finally I scanned my big Singapore sketchbook, so I'll start with sharing here some its sketches, you can find the entire Singapore book on Flickr.

Will be continued!


  1. Lovely sketches Marina. Waiting for part 2 :)

  2. these take me right back to singapore and the wonderful characters i met there--including you.

    1. happy it did, Shawne! I was happy to meet you too.

  3. great sketches and the portraits are straight on recognised every single person. A pleasure to see


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