Thursday, May 26, 2016

Dragons at Hayarkon park

Last Friday we had our sketchcrawl at the Hayarkon Park, where the Dragon Boats Festival took a place. It was the first time I saw this colorful competition - a lot of variegated long Chinese boats, decorated with dragon heads and tails, floated in a high speed along the Hayarkon river. The familiar park suddenly turned to an exotic place, and we were happy to capture the atmosphere.

At the end I couldn't resist to sketch the dogs garden - the festival didn't influence the dogs and theirs owners playing together ;)
It was perfect get together as always - combination of great place in a great company with sketchbook in the hand!

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  1. Looking for a drawing instructor in Jerusalem, I came across your sketches from April. Lovely and inspiring. Do you teach? Or know someone who does? I'll be in Israel most of the summer and long to begin learning.