Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sketch-trip to Lisbon - part1

One week already passed since I came back from Lisbon. It was 6-days trip only (and two of them were flights), but I think I had enough experiences for a  month - I really had everything in this small journey!
I was very excited toward masterclass and workshop I was invited to give. Teaching isn't my main activity, I do it from time to time on special occasions, and every time it's a new adventure.
The masterclass were supposed to be the final meeting for the series of workshops given by MárioLinharesJosé Louro and KettaLinharescalled Lisbon Alphabet. I was asked to share with the group of sketchers my philosophy and approaches behind urban sketching. The preparation to the presentation forced me to answer to many unasked questions - there are so many things we do unconsciously when we sketch! Thanks to that I learned some stuff about myself or at least put it in a words form. I hope I succeed to share my approach to sketching with the group, after all, we, sketchers, all use to speak about the same things, feeling and reasons. I enjoyed to talk with the group a lot, showed them my sketchbooks and tools, and after that we went outside for some practical sketching!

We ended by dinner together and some more sketching, of course!

It was a great beginning for my trip!
I'll continue telling about my Lisbon adventure in the next post.
Meanwhile, more photos are here.

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