Thursday, March 9, 2017

#oneweek100people2017- day two

It's definitely much easier to sketch 100 people than to scan and blog them after!
My second day of the challenge was my birthday and it was very productive. It started early in the morning at the ceremony of the end of the army course of my son. It was a lot waiting time and all the parents were upset and bored, the only happy person between them was me - a lot of people in the line to the cafetiere - standing, sitting, chatting - plenty of various models! And of course some solders during the ceremony! I couldn't wish better opportunity to capture people :)

After the ceremony we had a lunch with my sister and her children - anther opportunity to sketch a bit!
The day ended at the opera house, were we saw the "Faust", which was very impressive, I did just a few sketches to remind me this special evening.

My final score for the second day - 69 people! Which makes together with my previous day - 95!!!!!
Only 5 left to 100 !

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  1. עבדת קשה ביום ההולדת! מלא דמויות מעניינות