Tuesday, July 22, 2014

London by kids - process of illustration

A few days ago I got a commission - cover illustration for the "Maslul ", supplement of Yediot Ahronot newspaper.
The article was the review of London attraction by two Israeli kids. I wanted to give to the illustration the feeling of on-location sketch, but, of course, you never can get the spontaneity of a sketch in a based on reference illustration.
Here are some sketches, few of them I used in the final illustration.

the b&w sketch
the final illustration
It was my first experience of working with a daily newspaper, I was needed to work fast.
Sometimes there is something good in a tight deadline - you don't have a time for a doubts :)


  1. Great illustration Marina. The kids have a real face expression, surprised and amazed by the city. I like it a lot, congratulations.

  2. thanks a lot, Nelson! happy you like it!