Pages from my US sketchbook - San Francisco

 I've totally fell in love with San Francisco!
Golden Bridge surrounded by tourist and their cameras

one of corners in colorful China Town
sea lions taking a sunbathe at Pier 39


  1. i love how you drew the water and the sky! This is what San Francisco is all about, isn't it?

  2. What a fabulous trip and drawings Marina - it reminds me of a similar trip to the US my family went on when my children were small - how I wish I had been a sketcher then, it's mostly a blur now! But I do remember San Francisco and Disneyland/Universal studios, it's great to relive it through your lively sketches.

    1. thanks a lot, Cathy! Happy that my sketches reminded you your family trip. It was an amazing family experience and I'm happy I could to sketch a bit, sketches are the best memories for me!

  3. What materials are you using in these sketches? They're wonderful.

  4. I work mostly with watercolors and watercolor colored pencils. In some sketches I used also fountain pen. Thanks!


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