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Sketchcrawl at Bialik Square

It was very sunny Saturday after very stormy week. We met for our month Sketchcrawl at Bialik Square - Tel Aviv's one of the most iconic public spaces. We filled out the square, serving one of its attractions to the coming and going groups of tourists ("look, here is a group of artists that are drawing the square!") The square is rounded by s ome of the best examples of the Bauhaus and Modernist buildings, so an architecture lovers had a plenty of subjects to sketch. The pond in the middle of the square, with its beautiful plants and golden fishes was another nice point of view to take.  I started from these two  gouache  sketche s, which was done from the border of the pond.  At the end I couldn't resist not to sketch some of my fellow sketchers :) Daniel and Reuven Nathan is sketching Reuven  Cant't wait to meet our always growing and renewing gang of sketchers next time!

Hot Jazz and Andy Warhol at museum

Finally, winter have arrived to our sunny country as well. We had very stormy weekend, with snow in Jerusalem and some other high areas and a lot of rain everywhere. We decided that the best place to spend such a rainy Saturday is in museum, where we went with our youngest daughter. We started our day at jazz concert for children - really beautiful program, with some explanations for small ones, we all enjoyed it so much! We continued to museum exhibitions, starting with "kids' expo", which was called "Toy Paintings", and was dedicated to Andy Warhol's colorful prints of toys. Except of works of Warhol on the walls, the room was full of different activities that children could experience - trying out Warhol's techniques from various sides, listening to Warhol introducing his theories and even "interviewing" him!  I think it's great way to introduce to children a subject. It was a great day, worth spending not only at rainy weather

Sketch Your World!

I was lucky to by invited by James Hobbs , one of my favorite sketches, to take a part in his new book -  Sketch Your World . Finally I got this wonderful book, full of inspiring stories behind the sketches, new approaches, tips and... sketches, of course :)   Going to sink into this book and be inspired!

Jaffa - inside and outside.

Here are two sketches that I did today in Jaffa. First one - at "Puah" - trendy coffee shop at Flea Market, there is always busy inside. Second one - at one of Jaffa's streets. This colorful house captured my attention and I stopped my car on my way home to sketch it. Jaffa is a perfect place for sketchers - you can find stories everywhere!