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November beach

Some sketches I did on one of Jaffa's beaches at one of perfect November days. Dog and his owner - don't they look alike? tourist in red swimming suit and a fisherman beach panorama pigeons - the lords of the beach the food at the end, as usual!

Backgammon "club" at the flea market

Jaffa Flea market is one of the most colorful places in Tel Aviv, full of authentic characters, patterns, smells, sounds and stories. After I came back from Singapore, where I was fascinated by the chess players "club" in the middle of the Chinatown, I was looking for opportunity to sketch street games players here in Israel. This week I found them at the Jaffa . Small table and two chairs in the middle of the street, two players surrounded by the group of men - was really the best show in the city! I think that Olympic Games competitors need to learn the worrier's spirit from these backgammon players! Suddenly we saw at the opposite site of the street group of men organizing something... What are they up to? They turned to Jerusalem direction and started to pray: Of course, there is no sketching day without food - we couldn't resist to have some humus! Small cup of black coffee and Nathan, very concentrated by sketching people around :)  It was p

"One Moment" - reportage drawing in the City Hall

This year Urban Sketchers Israel were invited again to take a part in the Municipality of Tel Aviv event "One Moment - Art in Unexpected Spaces". We were invited to be reporters of the event and also one of its attraction - sketching "live" all we see around. Sketchcrawls are always fun, but being "reporters" of such a colorful event, when all kind of artists from various areas perform for the Tel-Avivian audience inside the municipality building - place they use to see when they pay taxes and fines - this is a very special and fun experience! stand-up comedy DJ improvisation people in the hall girls rock band "Yes Ma'am!" people listening to the "Yes Ma'am" reading poetry  guards are enjoying as well beer stand woman dances rock'n'roll alone guy with dreadlocks takes selfie couple hugging couple dancing Music+sketching+some beer=happiness formula worked big time