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Israeli and German sketchers at Tel Aviv beach

Last Friday we had a spontaneous sketchcrawl with a group of German illustration students and illustrators headed by maestro Felix Scheinberger . We met at Charles Clore Beach in Tel Aviv, and had really wonderful time! It amazes me each time again - how people from so different parts of the world can be united by the same passion, having the same sparkle in the eyes, enjoying company of each other as they where old friends. The group came to Israel for a special week trip, armed by sketchbooks and artistic tools. It was so great to see how people from the outside see our country, to learn and to share. And as a fan of Felix Scheinberger works for a long time, I was so delighted to meet him and to sketch in his company! 3 hours of the sketchcarwl flew like a one moment, I barely could sketch something, busy by chatting and looking at others sketchbooks. Nathan is very concentrated Felix sketching Pei At the end Felix and me sketched each other - what a fun way of duel! 

Sketches from the Red Sea

Yesterday we back from a 3 days family vacation in Eilat - the farthest place you can go to vacation in Israel. In our tiny country you can't really disconnect, only after driving for a 4 hours through the desert  surrealistic views, you can feel that you're in a different place. I love the Red Sea surrounded by maroon mountains, its crystal turquoise water, with corals and colorful fishes. And always cloudless sky above it. Eilat is a paradise for a sketcher - besides the beautiful nature, the city filled by colorful variety of people - locals and tourists, funny mixture of all from everywhere. I wish I could sketch everyone I wanted!  But... here what I managed to capture between swimming, sunbathing and spending time with my family, of course! extreme sport or massage? first evening at La Cuccina - Italian food and wine braids at the promenade guitar player at the street street artist - portraits for everyone  catching sun more sun catchers