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Swing&Draw party

The addictive music, the dancers who merge with the beat, and so Tel Avivian atmosphere of Beit Hanna - it was a perfect sketchcrawl! We took places around the wooden stage, set ready our tools and sketchbooks, and listened to the swinging music sounds, just like its name - Swing. Slowly the dancers went up to the floor and started to dance, and from that moment I do not remember much. Time stopped, I became one with rhythm, sounds, movement... Sketching dancers is definitely one of the hardest tasks for a sketcher. It's stressful at the beginning. The dance and the music are so beautiful, but how we can capture this beauty and convey it to the piece of paper? There is no choice but to give yourself time to observation. To watch the dancers and to let to the rhythm to enter inside. To put on the paper one line, and another, and maybe one shape, and another... Sip from the cool beer can help. Suddenly something begin to get looser. We should use our memory. Try to capture in our h