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Sketchcrawl at the Fleamarket

Sketches from our last Sketchcrawl at the Fleamarket of Jaffa - always vibrant place, full of colorful characters and stories! started sketching together with my guest from Germany, Karin people at Shafa Bar municipality official arguing with a peddler, both of them cursing in Russian Ethiopian boys managing the bussuness after the sketchcrawl - hummus at Danny's buffet - yummy! What a fun day!

Trainmen of Jerusalem

Friday morning of the middle of August. Streets of Jerusalem are hot and blinding. Movement of people holding drawing pads flows to the direction of Clal building. After while they spread out at the train station and start to draw the surroundings. It looks like a beginning of the regular sketchcrawl, but still, around of 30 people, mostly not from Jerusalem, took trouble and went up to the capital at the morning of this very summery Friday, and are sketching with a lot of energy among the burning Jerusalem crowd. It was very special and exiting meeting, an initiative of the organizers of "Outline - Illustration and Words in Jerusalem." We came to draw toward the group exhibition "The Trainmen" - cooperation with City Pass - the light rail in Jerusalem. This time the exhibition will not be displayed in the gallery, but will be integrated into the urban space - our drawings will be printed enlarged and displayed at the light rail stations, which fits perfectly the

Home gouaches

I love gouache, but it's difficult to manage it and all the equipment when I sketch outside. At home it's easier, and I have always have plenty of models.