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Sketchcrawl in Florentine

I love to sketch in Florentine Neighborhood in Tel Aviv. You just need to stop at any place for a while - the stories will come to you! It was nice to meet there our USk TA group for the sketchcrawl, to sketch together and to view at the end all the different points of view on the same area! אthe view on the Washington Boulevard the local mafia the humus after the sketchcrawl

#oneweek100people2017- day five! (+bonus)

It was really no need in the fifth day, as I already had 144 people sketched! But it was Purim period and I couldn't help not to sketch some people in costumes. The first sketch was done while eating falafel in "Falafel in Square" chain. The second one - at the evening in my favorite "Thai House", celebrating with my family. And here is the bonus sketch I did at the day of tomorrow passing at Rothschild boulevard In Tel Aviv. So, my final score for the 5 days of challenge is 162 people! (not including the last Purim bonus) It was fun to join to the plague and to feel a part of something big. I didn't do any special efforts to change my routine, but I do looked more for opportunities to sketch, what reminded me my hunger to sketch when I arrive to the new places, not to forget to be a constant tourist!

#oneweek100people2017- day four

My people sketches day four. At the morning - some people at Ahuza street in Ra'anana. Spanish-speakers corner is very good models, I could even take out my watercolors: Add caption People passing at the street - really challenging but so fun: And some sketches from the evening in Tel Aviv, I felt like markers are fit the atmosphere. Street artists playing jazz at Nahalat Benyamin street: And after that, eating yummy dinner at Indian restaurant: My final score at the end of the day four -144 people!!!!! 

#oneweek100people2017- day three

These sketches done at one small squres in Ra'anana, my home city, I call it "Old people square" - all the benches was filled by aged people and their nursemaids. This one I did at the evening while chatting and eating with my friend at Gypsy restaurant in Jaffa. My final score until now -121 people!!!!! hooray!

#oneweek100people2017- day two

It's definitely much easier to sketch 100 people than to scan and blog them after! My second day of the challenge was my birthday and it was very productive. It started early in the morning at the ceremony of the end of the army course of my son. It was a lot waiting time and all the parents were upset and bored, the only happy person between them was me - a lot of people in the line to the cafetiere - standing, sitting, chatting - plenty of various models! And of course some solders during the ceremony! I couldn't wish better opportunity to capture people :) After the ceremony we had a lunch with my sister and her children - anther opportunity to sketch a bit! The day ended at the opera house, were we saw the "Faust", which was very impressive, I did just a few sketches to remind me this special evening. My final score for the second day - 69 people! Which makes together with my previous day - 95!!!!! Only 5 left to 100 !

#oneweek100people2017- day one

I took the opportunity to join the #oneweek100people2017 challenge. People is my favorite subject, I think I barely have sketches that isn't include people, so why not to do the thing that I love the most in a big and nice company of sketchers all over the world? Here is some moments of my day. At the morning I met my son Shai and we had a breakfast together in honor of his birthday and it was nice that first of the 100 portraits is Shai's portrait :) Later I was needed to pass in the supermarket, where I found a lot of great "models". It was fun, here is my today score -26 people! Waiting for tomorrow :)