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The intersection

Today I've stop at the intersection I pass every day. Really, sketching is seeing.

At the heart of the public garden

I want to share some process of illustrating  the story for the last " Einayim " magazine. The issue subject was "garden". This time the writer Shoham Smith invited me to come with her together to look for the story. We met in Gan Meir in the heart of Tel Aviv and strolled in the garden together, trying to find the story. Shoham shared with me her ideas and I tried to sketch them up and also I've took a lot of pictures. It was fun! Next step was making sketches in the studio: After series of sketches the final illustration was approved. The story is about a homeless, sitting on the bench and feeling invisible for the visitors of the garden. Here is the final illustrations. As usual, the process is more enjoyable than seeing the finished illustration printed. But that's what's stay with as at least - the result.

Back to routine

8 very tensed days, full of despair and hate in the air and missiles falling on the both sides, are over and we can back to routine. Hope that one day we can find the solution for the peace in the Middle  East. listening to the announcement about the fire cease You can call it escapism,but at these days I just trying to hold tighter my family and cause me to appreciate all these small moments, very usual and very beautiful.

Home sweet home

Traveling is great, but It's also nice to come back home to well known routine. Here are some recent sketches, mostly sketching my family members. homework dinner tasty mango ;-) it's still hot here... my charming nephews!