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To save the trees at the Jerusalem Boulevard!

Last Friday we met for the our group sketchcrawl at the Jerusalem boulevard in Jaffa. Our sketchcrawl started from the guided tour about the history of this beautiful 100-years old boulevard. We learned about this place, full of layers of history and different cultures influences. The silent witnesses -  tall green trees, giving a great shadow and so unique look to the boulevard - are going to be uprooted soon, because of building there one of the lines of the light train. By the initiative of Orna Marton, one of our group members, USk Tel Aviv decided to join the struggle for keeping the trees. Tel Aviv sketchers documented the Jerusalem boulevard, each one from his authentic point of view and small group exhibition, which will be open soon, will help people to rise an awareness about this place and hopefully we will help to save the trees. warming up at one the coffee shops at the boulevard huge trunks and small coffee shop at the background all kinds of people are