Friday, December 29, 2017

Christmas in Vienna

Last weekend my sister and I spend a long weekend in Vienna - elegant, classical, and so artistic capital of Austria. So we tasted some Schiele, Klimt and Breigel. And some Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss. And apple-strudel for the dessert, of course! ;)
Here are some sketches I managed to "steal".
our first supper

beautiful concert in Mozart's house

having some drinks after the concert

my beautiful sister listening to the live singer in the bar

poor horses! I'm not sure they so happy to dance waltz...

I didn't dare to skate, but it was fun to watch!

charming small concert in our hotel, called "Beethoven" 

in the local jazz club "Porgy&Bess"

wonderful show by "Marina and the Kats" Marina and her band were just electrifying!
I wish I could sketch much much more! But still, it was so nice, and I have some taste for coming again!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Trip to the North

Last weekend we had a short trip to the North. Its always relaxing - change of the landscape, a lot of nature and some sketching, of course ;)
I did this sketch at the entrance to Fassuta - Arabic Christian village in Galilee, decorated for Christmas.
 Series of sketches done during our dinner:

barmen telling us the story of his life
These two paintings were done in Haifa on our way back. I miss painting!Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, sky and outdoor
Image may contain: tree, sky and outdoor

Thursday, December 7, 2017

My new Etsy shop is on!

It was a busy month, full of various events I'll tell about later.
Finally I had a little break and was able to set up my Etsy shop - something I wanted to try long ago.
I'm sketching on daily base and obviously have a huge amount of sketches done for no particular purpose.
I can talk non stop about why I sketch. When I started, it was almost physical need to move my fingers, the most accessible way to keep myself in shape for drawing. As time passed, sketching turned to be kind of obsession, part of my way of experiencing my daily routine. But most of all, sketching for me is a way to enjoy the pleasure of drawing for its own sake and a very fun way to go to a journey every day without travelling far. When I sketch I really observe the surroundings, watch what's happening, enter strangers' lives, and discover their stories.
I had doubts about offering my sketches for sell. I'm an illustrator working with clients and creating a lot of images on demand. I wanted to keep sketching being my "just for fun" part of my art. Hope it'll stay like this even if I'll let other people to purchase some prints of my sketches. I hope this way I will be able to share with other people my feelings, to show them my excitement from a scene I was sketching - a summer beach, street corner, and, of course, many different people and their stories!
So, here is my shop - you're very welcome to enter, to have a look and tell me if there are particular sketches you would like to see there in the future.
And feel free to tell about the shop to your friends ;)

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Sketching inDnegev

It was a magic weekend at inDnegev - festival of indie music in the Negev desert. We, Urban Sketchers, also a kind of "indie" - not really mainstream, something between artists, illustrators and storytellers, so the connection was natural. 
It was very fun for me to sketch the festival, not just the concerts and the musicians, but the whole phenomenon around us, a kind of very undefined, but on the other hand, a very consolidated community of people gathered around the institution that called inDnegev. The avant-garde sounds and the monotonous desert with the sandy wind blurring everything...
Beyond that - the sketches speak for themselves, mostly about people I've seen around me. It was great fun!

my first sketch - trying to capture the athmosphere

security guys are eating as well

Night falls and everything looks different

Many couples of lovers near the stage

These three boys asked me to draw them and stood in front of me without moving. "You can keep dancing" - I told them 

We sat on the hill and I wanted to make a panoramic sketch, to capture everything around me

I was lucky - Rotem from TheAngelcy sat opposite me - I sketched him and asked for the signature!

very cool photographer with very cool beard

Beautiful Shiran from Bint El Funk 

there were a lot of dancing as well

When I scanned all the drawings, I found that one was missing. Apparently someone took it from the stand where we hung up our sketches every day at the festival. Hope it's in good hands! Antigone Rex were awesome !!!!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Day in Jerusalem

Last week a I had errands in Jerusalem and was lucky to spend some time at Machane Yehuda Market. Visiting Jerusalem, which is only one hour drive from my house, always feels to me visiting very far land. This city is not like any place, it has so many levels in any aspect, so each time I touch it, it feels like a magic, something I will never get to know, but it always will magnet me.
I think I can seat and absorb its citizens for a hours, but at some level I feel pity not trying to capture them in my sketchbook. So I did, sitting at one of the pubs in the middle of the market.

people are buying food for the holidays 
I love to sketch Hassidim in their fur hats

it's tradition to eat (and sleep) in nicely decorated Sukkah (kind of tent) during the Sukkot holidays

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Sketching with BIC pen

I love my 4 color BIC ballpoint pen - perfect for quick sketches, with one pen only in your hand you can express almost anything!
Following are three sketches that was drawn at the wedding. Each sketch was done after one more glass of wine. You can see how my stokes changed as well ;)

Beit Romano - always great place for drink and draw
couple in the bar

Last two sketches - from the concert of our friend Ronan  - it's always fabulous to draw music!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Sketching movement

It's fascinating to watch human body in movement. To sketch it - is really challenging but so enjoyable! It takes time to dare to do the first line. It looks impossible to capture constantly changing postures, expressions, turning body to something different all the time. How to capture pace, rhythm, effort, flexibility, flow? The only way is to start sketching, line after line, page after page, slowly entering inside and feeling a part of the group of moving people.
Here is my attempt on sketching AcroYoga class last week at Beit Hanna - nice place in Tel Aviv, providing various activities for your body and your soul, which will host an exhibition called "Illustrating in Movement" during upcoming Illustration Week.
It was so fun!