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Calming Alarm

Here are illustrations I did for the last issue of Einayim magazine, for a short story by Moshe Krone about a boy dealing with his parent's fights.

Two views

These two recent sketches from my sketchbook have something in common. I always prefer human landscapes to real ones. But sometimes I need to kill a time, and then even people-less panorama can be fascinating.

Neve Sha'anan - sketching the invisible citizens

Tel Aviv has many faces. As every big city, it has his respectable areas, new-build neighborhoods or nicely renovated historic areas. Sketching there is always nice, but sometimes you have a feeling of being in a well designed museum, lacking real life.  For our last Sketchcrawl we met at Neve Sha'anan street. This place isn't  featured on the postcards or "must see" lists, many Israelis tend to avoid it.  Just a few blocks from Tel Aviv’s luxury hotels and popular tourist locations you suddenly feel you're in different country, only Israeli that you see on the street are "tourists" - groups of photographers, looking for "nice" poverty pictures, bourgeois couples from North Tel Aviv, looking for authentic places to eat. Its real citizens are  foreign  workers  mostly  from Africa and Asia, the invisible residents we usually trying to ignore. I wasn't sure if by bringing here our group of sketchers wouldn't make the Neve Sha'ana