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Sketching live music!

Last week I had a chance to be at a concert of the Jerusalem Young Philharmonic giving an exciting performance. I have already forgotten what a tremendous experience it is to live classical music, especially performed by cute and talented teens, and especially Dmitry Shostakovich, whose music ended the show. I must to go more! And if I'm talking about the experience of sketching live music - here are some more sketches from the last months I did at two concerts of musicians I love. Never will be tired of sketching music!

Urban Sketching - קורס בסיס

קודם כל - מה זה Urban Sketching? Urban Sketching זהו תחום יצירה, שמהותו לספר סיפורים של מקומות אורבניים מהתבוננות ישירה. Urban Sketching מתבסס על כלים מתחום האמנות, כמו רישום וציור מהתבוננות, אך הוא יותר רחב וחסר גבולות ברורים. הדבר המהותי ב Urban Sketching היא היכולת למצוא סיפורים בסביבתנו, יכולת להתבונן ולשים לב, להיות תייר תמידי בכל מקום, ואז לשלוף את מחברת הסקיצות ולתעד את מה שראינו, להעביר הלאה את הסיפור, הרגש, האווירה ומצב הרוח. Urban Sketching כולל גם אינטראקציה עם הרחוב, הזמנה למגע אתו, להרגיש חלק ממנו, חלק מהסיפור. קורסים של Urban Sketching הם לא עוד קורסים של רישום וציור סטנדרטי, למרות שנעסוק, נגע ונדון בהרבה חוקים ומושגים מעולם האמנות. Urban Sketching זה קודם כל ללמוד לספר סיפורים, להיות תייר תמידי מתבונן בסביבה עם עיניים סקרניות, עיתונאי שטח המדווח על מקרה שנגע לליבו, משורר שמתפעל מרגע חולף וחד פעמי. לצד למידת מיומנויות טכניות וטכניקות שונות נפתח גם יכולות של הסתכלות, ארגון, חשיבה, תהייה, שאלה, דמיון ותקשורת, התוצאה הרבה פחות חשובה כי מה שהכי חשוב - זה להנות מהתהליך! קורס ה

Diving in Eilat

In September we've been on a small family vacation in Eilat. I went diving for the first time in my life with my daughter, it was really cool! I wish I could sketch under the water! Until then, here are some sketches that I did above the water :)  

Sketching live InDnegev 2021!

photo by Tomer Appelbaum It's been two weeks since I returned from InDnegev - the annual indie music festival - where I was in the role of "Live Sketcher" for the third time! After two years of break due to Corona, the festival is back with double power. Every time again, it's so fun to dive into it - the community of Israeli indie music lovers, such a diverse family, including all ages and backgrounds and at the same time carefully filtered by the ... music. Three days passed in one moment, as soon as I arrived, music, like a tiny pieces of sand that are floating here in the desert, flew and filled every free space inside me. I wandered around for three days, armed by a sketchbook and pencils, trying to also absorb and flow, but at the same time also to filter and select - a tough task ... And again this magic of music and sketching worked like magic - the combination, synergy, one plus one is worth much more than two .. I will let the drawings tell the rest. It was

Inktober 2021 - Musicians' portraits

This #inktober I decided to make for myself a challenge and also a treat – I created a list of musicians I like to create an everyday portrait of each one. I love music. I love to draw human’s faces. To draw portraits of musicians I like seemed to me like a perfect task! The tough thing about it was to do it everyday and to keep on! Some days I had higher energy and at some I didn’t have time or wasn’t in the mood. But little by little I started to get into the rhythm. I learned to be less demanding and perfectionist – I could allow myself to have one portrait less successful than another, because I had many others that were coming in the list. And of course, the magic combination of drawing with music worked! Every day I had with me one of my favorite musicians, accompanying me everywhere and materializing at the end of the day to a couple of portraits. I tried to push myself to the less expected, trying not to think about the result, but to get a new process. There are some portraits