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Urban Sketchers Tel Aviv occupating Afula!

Here are some sketches I did at the festival of 3D pavement paintings in Afula, where Urban Sketchers Tel Aviv was invited to take a part during Sukkot holidays. It was really nice event, full of colorful events, challenging, but fun! my first "model" - street artist taking different postures and the audience Hasidic wild dance street musicians-kleizmerim  the view on the bulevard with the 3d painting on the pavement audience watching one of the street artists in action It was really fun, different and in fresh Northen atmosphere!

Memories from Crete

At the end of summer we went to Crete for a small family vacation. As usually at family vacations, the decision when to sketch wasn't always in my hands, and many beautiful moments stayed out of my sketchbook. But still, while scanning it, sketches reminded many tiny episodes from this calm and beautiful vacation, much more than many photos I took during the trip. You can see the entire Crete sketchbook on Flickr.