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Pages from my US sketchbook - San Francisco

 I've totally fell in love with San Francisco! Golden Bridge surrounded by tourist and their cameras one of corners in colorful China Town sea lions taking a sunbathe at Pier 39

Pages from my US sketchbook - part 1

Finally our longest and farthest family trip is behind us. Three weeks of traveling across the US West Coast was fabulous, full of great family experiences and unforgettable moments. Nature and cites, coasts and deserts, and, of course, people, so many different people - a lot of great memories! I didn't expect to use my sketchbook much on our trip - after all it was a family trip and I wanted to enjoy some special time with my children and husband. But, of course, I brought my sketchbook along and I'm very happy with the result! Most of sketches were done during our meals or some while waiting, but even they tell me great stories, and remind me of tiny details that I would be sure to forget if I hadn't sketched them. It starts as usual from some airport sketches - the beginning of the trip, when everything is ahead, a lot of expectations... We've landed at Las Vegas - city than got everything inside - fake Paris, fake Venice, fake Rome... impressive, but...