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Berlin has it all - part 4

Finally, I finished to scan my Berlin sketches! As I said in my previous posts, I totally loved this city - its contrasts between East and West, old and modern; a lot of history, art and design everywhere, and most of all its special open atmosphere! antique sculptures at the Pergamon museum dancing at Clarchens Ballhaus at the corner of Kollwitzplatz you can see more on my  Berlin Flickr set :

35th World Wide SketchCrawl - at Tel Aviv Port

This time our local USk group synchronized our monthly sketchcrawl with 35th World Wide SketchCrawl, so we could feel like a one of many cities sketching together at the different parts of the world ;-) We met at the Tel Aviv Port - flourishing hang out area with many restaurants, bars and shops, with its rounded street lamps, wooden deck that its shape was inspired by the Tel Aviv sand dunes, and the sea, of course. At Saturdays it's was very crowded - full of street performers, strolling families, people on bikes and rollers and so on. We've spread out at the port, and little by little I found my little stories to sketch.   It was a great sketchcrawl, please visit our blog for more sketches!

Berlin has it all - part 3

I met in Berlin fellows urban sketches Omar and Catalina in colorful Kreuzberg neighbor. It's really fun to have friends- sketchers everywhere and of course we had great time! Another great thing about Berlin is... the food! There are plenty restaurants for every taste and of excellent quality, so here they comes, my restaurant sketchers: Gorki Park - Russian restaurant with yummy borscht! Mirchi - Singapore restaurant Monsier Vuong - Vietnamese cuisine  I still have more sketches to scan :-(

Berlin has it all - part 2

Our hotel was 100m from Alexanderplarz, so we started exploring the city from this very central point of the city. But not before we've tried out some traditional sausages with sauerkraut and beer, of course! Here are some more pages from my small sketchbook, I did them mostly while eating or waiting for something. at the "am to pm" bar waiting for the bus waiting to enter to Gerhard Richter expo getting lunch at Sony Center

Berlin has it all - part 1

I'm back from Berlin - the city which has totally fascinated me! It is very different from every European capital I've visited. I filled many pages of my small Berliner sketchbook I bought especially for the trip and some of my watercolor Moleskine as well. So I'll start to post them, little by little, hoping to share with you some of my experience. Every journey starts from an airport -  and I love sketching people that busy by waiting for their journeys to begin! Stay tuned - the more will come!