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Trip to South America - part IV - connection in Madrid.

So, we left Rio and landed in Madrid, where we had a 12 hours waiting to our connection flight. Great opportunity to taste some tapas and to do some sketches :)

Trip to South America - Part III, Paraty.

The last destination of our trip was Brazil. We landed in Rio, rented a car and headed to the Paraty direction, were we rent a hotel near the beach. The view during the taxi was so different from any place I have been before - all these tropical plants, bizarre mountains, azure sea, colorful cities made us exclaim all the way: "wow!" Finally, when it was already dark, we arrived to the hotel, left our stuff and went to the closest restaurant to eat. The view that I saw when I woke up in the morning and got out from our room, made me feel that I'm still dreaming. I sat down in the armchair, at the edge of the small swimming pool, surrounded by tropical plants and facing a harbor full of boats, surrounded mountains and greens. It was quiet... I prepared myself a coffee and... started to sketch! Of course, my sketch is nothing to compare to the reality, but it is make me refresh perfectly my feeling at that first morning in Paraty!  Here are more sketches I did, mos

Trip to South America - Part II, Montevideo.

Visiting Montevideo was a family part of the trip, since it's my husband's hometown, he still has there a lot family and we were invited to is nephew's wedding. Montevideo isn't on the "must visit" list of the South American cities, but it has it's charm and it was the calm part of the trip, with many family visits, less attractions vising, it was nice :) We had a huge delay of our flight to Montevideo :( But in such a case there's always a bright side for a sketcher - an opportunity to draw!!!  Finally, we arrived! We rented very nice apparent with the view to the beach :)  Some sketches from the wedding:  Chao, Montevideo! Next part - Brazil! Stay tuned :)

Trip to South America - Part I, Buenos Aires.

It's almost 3 weeks I'm back from our family trip to South America. It was my first time in this continent, we were travelling for a 3 weeks, landed in Buenos Aires, then went to Montevideo for a family wedding, and after that traveled to Brazil ( Rio and Paraty). It was a very colorful trip, full of various places and situations. I wish I could sketch everywhere we went. But of course it was impossible , I wasn't alone, and a lot of great moments will remain in my memory. But, I'm happy and grateful for the sketches I could make during the trip, they are my best memory keepers, allowing me to taste again salty air of the Ocean, to hear tropical birds singing, or to feel the rhythm of tango. And of course to share it all with you! So, I'll start from the begging, from the sketches done during our 3 days in Buenos Aires: