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Tel Aviv - Bat Yam - Ra'anana

Some recent sketches - with my sketchbook I'm a constant tourist  :) "Kaimak" at Levinsky market toys shop and the Rabbi - one of the crazy combinations from the Levinsky market the best hummus at the Kerem Hataimanim cloudy sky at the Dolfinarium beach boulevard at Bat Yam 1 boulevard at Bat Yam 2 Ra'anana junction

Reportage drawing in the City Hall

Last Thursday our local Urban Sketchers group were invited by Tel Aviv municipality to take a part in the event called "One Moment - Art in Not Expected Spaces". For the one night City Hall was "occupied" by various artists - musicians, performers, visual artists; public could watch shows, to participate in workshops, to see exhibition and so on... It was our first official experience of reportage drawing as a group, and it was so fun and challenging! Groups of people came and gone, stopped to see the exhibition, sat down to rest and to hear the music, stood in the lines to the different shows, gathered around performers and so on... Here are what I succeed to "catch". As usual, we put at the end our sketches on the floor - how different was everyone expression from the same event! So, that's the the one of the benefits of on-location drawing, and its difference from the photography - every sketch passed through the very perso