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Sketchcrawl to park Kiryat Sefer

Park Kiryat Sefer - really beautiful place, which gave us some chill air, a lot of green color and many little stories for our  sketchcrawl. It was really nice to see the my friends from USk Tel Aviv :) Time flied as usual, I didn't get enough - need to come back again!

Corona days diary

It was a strange and special period. Everything changed very fast, we were reading some news about the mysterious virus, people are dying from somewhere in China, nothing that can influence us, obviously... Little by little it get to us, borders get closed, our freedom of moving and going wherever we want were taken from us, until we found ourself in the total lockdown. Usually I sketch almost everyday, so nothing especially changed in my creative routine, I didn't give myself corona challenges, and didn't learn new skills, just kept on sketching and painting. Now, when we're getting back to normal, (still prepared to the second wave), it's nice to look back, so here they are: my corona-days sketches. I think this is the first sketch I did considering the covid, we still weren't in the lockdown, but heard what's happening in  Europe, I posted this sketch in solidarity with our friends-sketchers who were already in the quarantine, calling out to sketch at home

First post-corona sketchcrawl in Meir Park!

It was so fun to sketch again in the real world, especially in the company of friends-sketchers! Almost three months, when we all changed our routine, each one in its way, but we all couldn't go out and meet - so this sketchcrawl was something we all were thirsty about very much! I used my lock-down days to drawing a lot inside my home and also to many virtual drink&draws with my friends, but there is nothing like a real thing! These are two sketches I manged to make in between of a lot of chatting :) Meir Park is on of my favorite places in Tel Aviv, sometimes it feels too pretty and seems like it's impossible to beat its beauty in drawing :) Here we are, keeping the some distance and wearing masks :) hope we'll meet soon again!

Sketchcrawl to Tivon

Last sketchcrawl we were invited to by local sketchers to come to north and colorful Tivon!  We met in Mumus - hummus restaurant, which is also a gallery and place for music shows, really atmospheric place! From there we continued to the central square of the town - where was a jazz concert. Close the noon to the square came group of school children - demonstrating against the climate crisis.  I was impressed by Tivon very much - the place where the owner of hummus place is and artist, and his workers are musicians as well. Place where there is a jazz concert at the square and children demonstrate worrying about the earth. It was so different from tel Aviv, and so wonderful! Thanks to everybody who joined us!