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MG Swap Sketching Experience

Discover the beauty of urban sketching with two international Urban Sketching instructors Maru Godas and Marina Grechanik! Join them in their unique workshops in Barcelona and Tel Aviv and learn the art of sketching urban life around you. With their guidance, you'll learn how to create vibrant and inspiring sketches of the cities’ architecture and people, capturing a moment in time. Using a variety of of mixed media techniques, Maru and Marina both love, you'll create sketches that explore the people, places, and cultures that make these cities so special. Whether you’re an experienced sketcher or a beginner, you’ll benefit from Marina and Maru’s expertise, gaining insight into their processes and practices. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience the cities of Tel Aviv and Barcelona through the eyes of two masterful artists! The format In each city we are proposing the same format: a 3 day workshop with two instructors, two sessions per day, up to 15 people per class