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Words and sounds

Recently I visited at special concert. Composer Yaron Gottfried hosted the writer Etgar Keret, who read his short stories combined with classic music pieces, which Yaron had chosen by his association. It was really great experience, words gave to sounds different meaning! I added to it some lines :)

Emotional balance - illustrations for "Einayim"

Here are the illustrations I did for the last "Einayim" issue, which theme was "balance". The story was about finding your emotional balance, very important subject for young children to deal with, I think. I wanted to try a different technique, so these illustrations done with acrylic on grey cardboard.

New Year at New York

I'm back from the trip to NYC, where I went together with my older daughter. It was her dream to meet Miss Liberty, to walk through strawberry fields at Central Park, to see a show at the Broadway, to make crazy shopping at Fifth Street, and to see the ball falling at Times Square. So we did that all and much more, it was fabulous time for both of us together! I wasn't expecting to much sketching during this trip, because I didn't wanted to waste too much of our "together time". So most of sketches are done as always during the meals or on taxi. I used Bic multicior ballpoint pen mostly, as a quickest tool, also most useful at a freezing weather. sketching at Central Park! Definitely the place to come back again for more sketching and not only sketching :)