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Back from the family vacation

Hanukah is over, and we're back to routine. Here are some sketches I did during our family vacation. We went to LaPlange, village at Alps, for some ski and fresh snow and it was fantastic! Sorry, but the only sketches I've drawn were while being at a taxi - an airport, airplane, and bus. It was too pity to sketch when I had a week only for skiing. my kids at the airplane Nuni's having a meal - it's fun! Shai and Shelly - listening to their music

About Me

Marina Grechanik Artist, Illustrator, Urban Sketcher, Art Educator Hello, my name is Marina Grechanik, I graduated from an Art College in Mink, Belorussia. I’m an illustrator, artist, urban sketcher, art educator and owner of an art studio in Jaffa. I would always draw and sketch from time to time. There were some periods in my life when I didn’t have ‘proper’ time for my "art", running between job and family. Then I decided to put a sketchbook into my bag and to draw between my daily tasks. Little by little I filled one sketchbook and then another one. Sketching became part of me, part of my way of experiencing my daily routine. 12 years ago I was invited by the founder of Urban Sketchers Gabi Campanario to be one of the 100 correspondents from all over the world on the  USk blog . Few years after that I initiated the  USk Israel group  - regularly leading sketchcrawls, coordinating the Urban Sketchers Israel blog and organized and curated a few group exhibitions. I planned