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Rally against "Culture Loyalty Law"

Sketches from rally against "Culture Loyalty Law" - bill conditioning arts funding on ‘loyalty’, which advance our Minister of Culture.  More than thousand artists from different areas gathered yesterday night to say that they will not give up on freedom of expression. "Nobody can't take from us the right to think, to imagine, to create..." - were words of one of the speakers. I want to believe that such a law can't pass here.

Rock&Draw - sketching InDnegev

It's second year that we come to sketch InDnegev - the biggest and oldest festival of indie music in Israel. This festival is a pretty unique phenomenon, started as a private initiative of a group of people who love music and keeps its special family atmosphere for the 12th year in a row. This time the experience was a bit different - I came to a familiar place and somewhere I felt I was back home. Many memories from last year floated in the air and it felt nice. Everything was in its place - the tent camp, the stages, the compounds, the food stalls, and of course the desert landscape and the air full of grains of sand. But now all these were filled with new sounds - plenty of great music and in its big part unfamiliar to me! For the three days I moved from stage to stage and absorbed what I could, with a block of paper and pencils in my bag. It was a lot of fun. Here are some of the impressions, hope that they manage to convey some of what I felt.

Porto USk Symposium - part V (Lisbon)

Last post about my Portugal trip dedicated to my love - Lisbon! Since the first Urban Sketchers Symposium I attended was in Lisbon, streets of Lisbon will always be connected for me to the sketches I did and sketchers I met there for the first time. Discovering this wonderful community 7 years ago for the first time in real, not online, was amazing revelation! I visited this beautiful city a few years later, when I was invited by the local branch of USk to give a workshop, so I had another opportunity to know the city better, and to add more sketchers to my Lisbon collection. So now it was like visiting an old friend - exiting, nostalgic, full of emotions. This time I came there with my husband, who came to Lisbon for the first time, so I was kind of a guide for him :) We strolled the streets a lot, and sometimes I just wanted to be there, without sketching. Some places that looked to me too iconic were the most difficult for me for sketching, as for example, the Belem  district, w