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And now... at the swimming pool!

Summer is here, you can feel it from my sketches :-)

At the beach (again)

Here are some sketches I did during the last weekend at the beach (again ;) ). I love to take pictures of my sketches' subjects, they show a bit how different are sketches from photographs. Sketches show our very subjective impression from the reality where we decide which story we want to tell and how.

Looking for stories in... Ra'anana

I live in a small quiet city, calls Ra'anana, nothing is special about it. There is no special architecture or historical building or interesting views. When I'm thinking about interesting places for sketching, I would go to Tel Aviv, Jerusalem or Haifa. It's difficult to look to the spots that you used to see everyday as a tourist. But when I take my sketchbook and pencil and start to sketch, suddenly, my city looks different, more appealing and full of little stories. We just need to look harder :)

Findings from the Flea Market

Jaffa's colorful flea market is one of my favorite places. Furniture and jewelry, toys and books, from east and west, ugly and beautiful - it's full of mixed stuff and so are people that came to sell, to buy, or simply to hang out and to feel the atmosphere. This Friday it was double fun for me to come here, because we set at this place the meeting point for our monthly Sketchcrawl. So instead of finding interesting things to buy, I was busy by finding stories to sketch, and I didn't need to go far at all! We started over nice cup of coffee sitting together with my fellow sketchers, busy by chatting. my friend Rachel and the street ant the background view on the coffee shop where I was sitting earlier flea market behind the coffee shop another point of view to the market colorful announcement's board above view to the coffee shop from the second flour Lucky me, I've got everything together in one day - perfect company, perfect place and per