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Goodbye sketchcrawl on the beach

Yesterday my friend Doron and I met up with our friend Aurore , who's leaving us for the whole summer to France (poor girl :-)) We set our meting at the Charles Clore (MantaRay) Beach and after refreshing ourselves in soft Mediterranean waters we dried out with sketchbooks in the hands :-) Then we moved to Alma Beach bar, at the back of the fancy MantaRay restaurant, continuing chatting and sketching. group of chatting and drinking girls - the perfect spot! two guys with a long hair and the view to the beach and old Jaffo What can I say? friends+beach+sketching=happiness!!!

Etching course - the end of the year

My etching course is ending this month. I enjoyed it very much, even if the process - slow, and planned ahead with always a bit unexpected results is opposite to my favorite art media  - spontaneous and quick sketching. dry point soap ground and sugar lift aquatint sugar lift and soft ground etching hard ground etching + watercolor I'm already waiting for the next year!

Shared Illustration

Here is my entry to my friend's Aurore illustrated song book. The idea is to make illustration of a song on long piece of paper folded like accordion by group of artists, where each one will draw on a spread (2 or 3 pages) then pass it on to the next and so on until the book is full. Group illustration is fun, because it cause interaction and influence and an u nexpected result. Promise to upload the finished book when it'll be done!   

Sketching at Yafo flea market

Last Saturday our USk group met at Yafo Flea Market area for the Sketchcrawl. The market is close at Saturdays, but coffee shops are open, so it was very convenient for us, sketchers - streets aren't too crowded, but still there are a lot of people to sketch. It was great , as always, and I don't know what 's more fun - sketching itself , or all that nice company around