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Inktober harvest

This is my Inktober harvest. I didn't stick strict to the rules, but tried every time I sketched to use ink tools only. Forcing myself to use materials which usually aren't my first choice, feeling a bit uncomfortable, little by little expanding techniques and their possibilities, finding new ways to express what I see, was really fun and helpful. It also was very simplifying for my sketching process, because I'm not one-tool person and love to switch my tools often. I think it's very healthy to limit yourself from time to time, I'm thinking about doing in the future some Graphite-bruary or Gouache-vember ;)

Amsterdam - after Symposium 2

This is my last post about the trip to Amsterdam, here are the first , the second and the third posts. I really happy I had an opportunity to explore Amsterdam slowly, trying to absorb the city, not to run from one touristic spot to another, getting to know and feel this city and falling in love with it :) One of the mornings I met Paul Wang and used the opportunity to do remake on his portrait I did 9 years ago in Lisbon Symposium: I think there is no need for description, each one of this sketches reminds me so well my experience while I sketched them, each one keeps inside feeling of the place, mood, sounds, weather, and more... So lucky to be a sketcher!

Amsterdam - after Symposium 1

I'm continuing my posts about my trip to Amsterdam, here are the first  and the second posts. I stayed in Amsterdam one week more after the Symposium. I already knew this feeling - passing at the familiar places that yesterday were filled by lots of sketchers and now look empty, even if they were full of people. After the bust of adrenaline - emptiness... But everything ends, and it was a great opportunity finally to see the city, to stroll without any goal, to slow down, to feel and absorb, and, finally, to sketch! :) One of the "must" Amsterdam points for me were visiting Van Gogh museum. The visit was very emotional. Van Gogh were one of my "mentors" when I was young, before his painting turned to be labels of vodka or cases of cell phones. I remember myself as a teenager reading his "Letters to Theo", amazed by Van Gogh's thirst for painting, his madness for depicting the life around him. I think it was one of the moment I thought - this cal