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People from HaTikva Market

Hot Friday morning at the beginning of July - nothing couldn't stop us to meet for the sketchcrawl at the HaTikva Market - small market in the South Tel Aviv. It's really perfect place for sketching, with plenty of authentic stories, colorful characters, without poses and without air conditioner ;) Yes, it's challenging, but once you got the adrenaline of sketching, you don't care about the heat, the shouts, you simply flow with them. I started sketching from the entrance to the market - vibrant place where people move non stop, caring their shopping bags - you need to hurry on Friday morning to be ready for the Sabbath evening! We were sitting opposite to small Shawarma place, so I couldn't not to sketch its owner, chatting with his customers about everything - from politics to arts and everything in between... After the warm up we dived into the market! I couldn't help not to stop near the beautiful melons-seller, reminding by herself ripe melon ;

Music, to draw it!

Yesterday I was sketching at very cool event - "Music, to draw it!" It was organized by Tel-Avivian internet radio station Teder, which consistently organizes music evens in various styles. People in all ranges of age - young, old, families with children, were sitting by the tables equipped by markers and paper, and drawing, accompanying by music. Great local beer and pizza were adding to the atmosphere. Without a doubt, music and drawing (and beer) - is the perfect formula :)