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PrideSketchcrawl - sketching the Pride Parade Tel Aviv

I think that sketching at a Pride Parade is really a must experience for a sketcher! I know it's incredibly hard – the colorful crowd doesn't stop moving for a moment. Every character screams: "Draw me!" Sounds and smells mixing with the colors... but it's such fun! I arrived early and walked through the relatively calm but already very colorful Ben-Zion Boulevard. Chore on stage was singing their last rehearsal of"The Show must go on!". I sat down on the grass and sank into my first sketch. By the time I had finished my sketch, the boulevard was filled with crowds and music. I moved to the meeting point to meet fellow sketchers who had come to the sketchcrawl. There was really no need to move - "models" just came to us and we had to be very fast and decisive! The sets of colorful markers in our hands looked like miniature pride flags :) I'm already waiting for the next year!!!!

Trip to Bretagny - Part 2 - Ouessant island

The days of the festival passed fast and the morning after we found ourselves waiting for our boat to the Ouessant island. I knew nothing about the island - just that Lapin had visited and sketched there many times, and after we got there I understood why. They were unforgettable days - riding bicycles through Ouessant's breathtaking views, stopping, walking, observing, staring, napping, (some of us… swimming!) and... well, sketching a lot together. I will miss all this so much! Luckily, I have my "time in the bottle"   sketches that will remind me of those days! sketchers on the rocks :) Thanks to Lapin (and Lapinette) who made it happen - it was a really special experience! I miss you all, and thank you for your inspiration and laughter. I am so happy to get to know you better, and hope the next adventure will come soon!

Trip to Bretagny - Part 1 - Festival des Carnets de Voyage

It’s already been a week since I came back from my trip to Bretagny, but I’m still under the strong influence of this wonderful adventure… I received an invitation from Lapin to be a part of the USk group at the 9th festival of Travel and Reportage Sketchbooks « ici & ailleurs » in Brest. After the expo, Lapin invited us to join him on the trip to the Ouessant island. I had no idea what I was going to! It was a little over a week, but I felt that I had spent at least a month with a wonderfully crazy group of fellow sketchers 😊 I’ll share here the first part of my trip – staying in Brest during the festival at the so welcoming house of Irene, one of the enthusiastic volunteers, preparing the expo together, enjoying glancing at each other’s sketchbooks, going out for some more sketching, having meals together and sketching again, and ending our days by late drink&draws, including crazy Posca Portrait Parties 😊 I'll start with some photos from the expo, just to give the