Sunday, February 26, 2017


Our last sketchcrawl was at a dance studio. We was invited to sketch a dancing lesson of a group which belongs to Rio Abierto movement . I love to sketch processes, people in motion - is really exciting mission, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity. But I didn't expected that combination of sketching with dance, and maybe with specific kind of dance - free, connected from inside to outside, would make the experience even stronger, and would take it to another level!
I think that it IS possible to transfer energy, emotion, feeling in a fast and expressive sketch. For me those sketches like a memories in the bottle - when I look at them I can again to taste a bit the flavor of the experience.
It was a huge fun! And I even joined to the dancers ;)
We are going to organize another sketching-dancing meeting, stay tuned!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Levinsky - hipsters and beggars

Levinsky market area is one of my favorite places for sketching and food. In the past one the poorest areas of Tel Aviv, today turning to be more and more trendy. Old shops start to give a place to super-cool boutiques, simple worker-class restaurants - to "authentic" chef-houses, the area gets full of all kind of touristic tours. Residents are contrast mixture as well - coffee shops full of hipsters and tourists, beggars and street sellers passing between them. I know that changes are inevitable, I don't know if I like them that way, though...
view on Levinsky street from trendy Tonny&Ester coffee chop

coffee drinkers in Tonny&Ester

hipster with a red knitted hat

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Common future

Last night I took a part in a protest march common to Jews and Arabs, for equality and against racism. You can call me naive, but  I believe that most of people just want to live in piece one with another and that we much more in common. And that it is the only way to survive in this crowded place. It was something very optimistic in those people marching together in the heart of Tel Aviv.
As usual, people approached me to see what I'm drawing. I got ungrudging comments from both - Jews and Arabs - which is the first proof that I'm right ;)