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drink & draw

drink&draw - this name was born during one of the USk symposiums, I think. We called "drink&draw" all these perfect evenings after the day full of sketching when we went out to drink, chat, and again... sketch together. Perfect combination! My husband isn't a sketcher, so he needs to be patient when we go out together and I don't want to miss the opportunity to drink&draw a bit :)

Collaborative sketching at Rabin Square

We opened our last sketchcrawl by sketching together on the long roll of paper - the idea that I wanted to try long time ago and finally we did it! It was really fun to loosen up and to interact together, it was refreshing to sketch on a big format and... in public :) After sketching together (and chatting with my fellows, of course) I did these two sketches. It wasn't easy to transfer the great atmosphere that was that Friday morning at the Rabin Square - parents with children, carriers with elderly persons, couples, bicycle riders - everything was moving, changing, interacting...  At the end  I couldn't resist not to sketch Nathan sketching :) It was really fun sketchcrawl, with a lot of positive energies!

Big children

Our children are growing so fast! My oldest son turned 22 in the last weekend, here is he (on the right) with a group of his friends.

People at the post office

You can never know how much happens at a post office :) Pity I was needed to wait only 10 numbers until my turn has arrived.