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Summer in the middle of January

Summer is back!   🌞   Sitting on the beach and sinking into surrounding. Nothing special happens, but from the other hand, there is endless amount of small stories around, every person has his story, I try to capture faces, expressions, interactions, parts of words, sounds.... little by little I become a part of this soundtrack, part of this movie...

Rainy afternoon at the Fleamarket

Even at a rainy day there are plenty "models" for a hungry sketcher at the Jaffa Fleamarket :)

New Year in Haifa

New Year isn't official holiday in Israel, but different communities practice to celebrate it. As one that born in Russia, I have nostalgic memories about this holiday. My husband was born in Uruguay, were New Year is celebrated as well. So this year we decided to find a place in Israel were we can feel the change of the year's number and went to... Haifa. As a city with a mixed population in which all members of all religions live together, it is a tradition for a long time to celebrate The Holiday of the Holidays at the end of the year, to mark the religious holidays that apply in December and next to it - Hanukkah of the Jews, Christmas of the Christian, the month of the Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr of the Islamic (applicable at various times over the calendar year and may apply in December). I love Haifa, its hilly landscape and blue sea popping up suddenly from every corner, it's eclectic architecture and its people. You can definitely feel there the New Year atmosphere, a

Leftovers from the last year

Here is passed another year, busy as usual and full of sketching. I didn't update my blog as frequent as I would like, but I did keep on sketching almost everyday, as always. Sketching still keeps to be my way to experience my everyday life, not only trips to exotic places. Sometimes I feel that there is nothing new in another sketch of couple in the coffee shop or family on the beach. But I can't help myself not doing it, it's a part of me, looking for the small stories and recording them inside my sketchbook. And sharing them with you :) Here are some sketches from the last two month. I hope I'll upload more this year. And I'm sure I'll keep on sketching. Have a  great year full of visual stories!