Leftovers from the last year

Here is passed another year, busy as usual and full of sketching. I didn't update my blog as frequent as I would like, but I did keep on sketching almost everyday, as always. Sketching still keeps to be my way to experience my everyday life, not only trips to exotic places. Sometimes I feel that there is nothing new in another sketch of couple in the coffee shop or family on the beach. But I can't help myself not doing it, it's a part of me, looking for the small stories and recording them inside my sketchbook. And sharing them with you :)
Here are some sketches from the last two month. I hope I'll upload more this year. And I'm sure I'll keep on sketching. Have a  great year full of visual stories!


  1. I love your daily ordinary sketches! Travel is exciting, but it's the stuff we do every day in our "normal" places that make the story of our lives. Happy 2019!

    - Tina

    1. thanks a lot, Tina! I always appreciate your comments! Have a great year!


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