Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Etching - going deeper and deeper

This year I started a course of etching - technique I've never tried and always wanted to learn. The first etching I made was drypoint on acetate sheet. I simply wanted to imitate my sketching line with burin like if it was a pencil. I was a bit disappointed by its different, less flexible nature. But totally charmed when my first print have come out - really little miracle!
my first etching -drypoint on acetate sheet
As far as I continued to learn the technique, I started to understand that there is no reason for etching if all I want is to get my free and expressive sketching line. Actually, etching process is totally opposite to sketching on location. Drawing from direct observation is spontaneous and sometimes coincidental. Etching requires preliminary planning and thinking. Sketching on location should be done fast. Etching includes long process of preparing plate, covering it with ground, scratching off the ground, dipping it in a bath of acid, washing, and so on... The possibility of combinations of different techniques is almost endless, and as I go deeper and deeper and discovering more, I understand how much is left.
hard ground etching on cooper
hard ground etching + aquatint on cooper
I always loved short paths, fast processes, instant results. Etching is different, and that's why it's good for me. I think, I'm starting to fall in love with it!
You can see some more examples on my Flickr.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

34th World Wide SketchCrawl in Park Ra'anana

It was very spontaneous sketchcrawl - my youngest daughter and me sketching in Park Ra'anana. Really, there is no need to go far from home for a nice sketching atmosphere!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

State of Tel Aviv

I live in Ra'anana, small town 20 min norther from Tel Aviv. Every time I come to Tel Aviv, the only really big city in Israel (for my opinion), I feel a bit like tourist. There are different pace, different sound, different people around me. Here are some last sketches from the state of Tel Aviv.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Sketchcrawl in Neve Zedek

Last Saturday was 4th Sketchcrawl of Israel Urban Sketchers. This time we met in Neve Zedek, beautiful old area of Tel Aviv. The neighborhood, with its narrow streets, beautiful old buildings and strolling people  was too perfect for sketching, so it took me a hour to settle myself and start sketching.
corner of Lilenblum and Pines, opposite to old cinema "Eden"

sketching sketches ;-)
last 10 minutes bfore our group met near Suzzan Dellal center
so fun to sketch together!
When 5 months ago I've initiated these Sketchcawls, I had no idea if it'll be any followers, besides some of my friends. I'm so happy to see that every sketchcawl there are new sketchers that joining us, and "veteran" sketchers, that continuing to come again and again.There are new correspondents that joining our group blog, each one have his  own style and own stories. Visit us and see Israel, one drawing at a time!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Food for thought

Yesterday was an opening of an exhibition organized by Israel Association of Illustrators, in which I took a part. The subject of the exhibition is food - very wide subject, so is the variety of styles and interpretations in illustrators works.
Here are my works, kind of placemates, decorated by sketches of people eating:

Actually, that's what I often do - sketching people eating near me directly on my placemat ;-)

giraffespagetim1spagetim2abugosh placematyotvata placematplacemat

The exhibition will be on until 17/03 in Yad Lebanim Ra'anana.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sketching my family

Lucky me, I don't need to go far for subjects of my sketches. I always have my family near me ;-)

Of course, I do love to go out for sketching as well. Waiting for this Saturday for our local USk branch Sketchcrawl. If you're in Israel - come to sketch with us! More details here .

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Memories from Lisbon

I'm very excited - today I've got my copy of "Urban Sketchers in Lisbon" - the book that put together amazing experience 2nd Urban Sketchers Symposium. What a memories! I'm turning pages of the book and feeling again the energies of the symposium - sketching among more than 200 sketchers from all over the world. Finally meeting in person the people behind the sketches! Exploring together the beautiful city of Lisbon, chatting, eating together, switching tools and sketchbooks and, of course, sketching, sketching and sketching...
the book and my Lisbon sketchbook, opened on one of the sketches which is featured in the book.
The beautiful cover is a sketch of  Largo Camões by Frank Ching and the book is in Portuguese and English. It is available on amazon. 
Speaking about memories - here you can see more my sketches and some photos from the Symposium:

In these days we're waiting for an official announcement about the 3rd Symposium. Hope I'll be able to come this year again!
Come to Urban Sketchers blog for information or if you want "to see the world - one drawing at a time".