Sketchcrawl in Neve Zedek

Last Saturday was 4th Sketchcrawl of Israel Urban Sketchers. This time we met in Neve Zedek, beautiful old area of Tel Aviv. The neighborhood, with its narrow streets, beautiful old buildings and strolling people  was too perfect for sketching, so it took me a hour to settle myself and start sketching.
corner of Lilenblum and Pines, opposite to old cinema "Eden"

sketching sketches ;-)
last 10 minutes bfore our group met near Suzzan Dellal center
so fun to sketch together!
When 5 months ago I've initiated these Sketchcawls, I had no idea if it'll be any followers, besides some of my friends. I'm so happy to see that every sketchcawl there are new sketchers that joining us, and "veteran" sketchers, that continuing to come again and again.There are new correspondents that joining our group blog, each one have his  own style and own stories. Visit us and see Israel, one drawing at a time!


  1. Суперкартинки! А ты можешь загрузить картинку со мной мне на стенку? Мне прям страшно нравится!

  2. Sbasibo, Julia! net problem, uzhe veshau ;-)

  3. מרינה רישומים נהדרים! במיוחד אוהבת את זה שנעשה ממש בסוף כ"כ חופשי וממש תופס את רוח המקום :)

  4. Wonderful sketches, you realy got the location's atmosphere

  5. תודה רבה, עינת! חוסר הזמן תמיד עוזר לא לארוג את הרישום ;-)

    Daniel, happy that you enjoyed!

    Hagit, thanks a lot! happy you like it!

  6. im so sorry i cant join you! we are so busy at the moment with so many things that i dont have time :(
    what you guys are doing looks so much fun!!

  7. It was fun! but don't worry, we're doing it every month, so one day you'll make it!


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