One of the first things my youngest daughter and me did when we came back from the vacation was visiting local falafel shop. After all that delicious french dishes nothing bring you back better than these crispy balls with hummus and pickles. Yummy!


  1. This fun sketch reminds me: On my first (and only) trip to Israel 44 years ago, my first meal was falafel. Very memorable! It was my first time to eat falafel (which I love). It was before falafel was available readily in the US.

  2. Marcia, maybe it's about time to refresh your memories and to taste again the original one? I would love to show you some nice places here ;-)

  3. You mix colors and grey and techniques but Everthing seems to just fit right in your drawings... How can it be?? :) Love your work marina.

  4. thank you very much, José, really appreciate it!
    and I love YOUR work!


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