Etching - going deeper and deeper

This year I started a course of etching - technique I've never tried and always wanted to learn. The first etching I made was drypoint on acetate sheet. I simply wanted to imitate my sketching line with burin like if it was a pencil. I was a bit disappointed by its different, less flexible nature. But totally charmed when my first print have come out - really little miracle!
my first etching -drypoint on acetate sheet
As far as I continued to learn the technique, I started to understand that there is no reason for etching if all I want is to get my free and expressive sketching line. Actually, etching process is totally opposite to sketching on location. Drawing from direct observation is spontaneous and sometimes coincidental. Etching requires preliminary planning and thinking. Sketching on location should be done fast. Etching includes long process of preparing plate, covering it with ground, scratching off the ground, dipping it in a bath of acid, washing, and so on... The possibility of combinations of different techniques is almost endless, and as I go deeper and deeper and discovering more, I understand how much is left.
hard ground etching on cooper
hard ground etching + aquatint on cooper
I always loved short paths, fast processes, instant results. Etching is different, and that's why it's good for me. I think, I'm starting to fall in love with it!
You can see some more examples on my Flickr.


  1. These are wonderful Marina, what an exciting new direction for your drawing skills. Something I'd love to try someday!

    1. Cathy, thanks a lot! It's very different from sketching, but fun! You should try it!

  2. these are really interesting, good work!

  3. מאד מיוחד. את עדיין עושה את זה בבית האמנים בתל אביב?

  4. Great - and they are very like your drawings, or rather, you can see there's the same hand behind them!

    1. Ruth, thank you! For now my sketchbook is my imagebank. I want to start to create something for etching originally.

  5. Hi Marina, You've done a great work, thank you!!!


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