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Memories from BCN Symposium - part1

All good things eventually come to an end... After months of preparations and expectations, it took only three days of an  explosion of  senses and now we have all come back to different parts of the world. We back to our jobs and our families, our routines. But nothing can stop us from taking out our sketchbooks every day, and for one tiny moment we   all  feel connected through simple magic of sharing the same passion of sketching which bonds us together again and again. I'll try to upload here little by little my impressions from the   4th international   Urban Sketching Symposium . First of all I want to say a big THANK YOU to all the organizers and volunteers for their amazing work and sleepless nights preparing this event! Being this time one of the instructors, I felt very excited and a bit anxious. I was lucky to be instructing together with my friend  Ea Ejersbo , she calmed me down and our energies were well balanced. It was a really great experience! I

Ready to BCN!

In a few hours I'll be on my flight to Barcelona. I can't believe it's coming, the USk Symposium where I have a honor to instruct a workshop together with my fellow Ea. I remember the Lisbon Symposium where I participated two years ago, its incredible energies and fantastic feeling of being a part of this very special community. So now finally I packed, decided what tools and sketchbooks to take (it was very difficult :)), and thinking about our workshop. I'll meet many sketchers from different countries and different backgrounds. They all love sketching and have a bit different approach to it. Hope we will succeed to share our approaches and philosophies, what drives us, what makes us to be exited! See you all tomorrow!

Pre Barcelona sketches

I'm counting down the days, four more left until I'm off to Barcelona USk Symposium! Checking out my art supplies, choosing the right sketchbook to take, thinking again about my workshop, trying to calm down... Here are some random sketches done lately - at home with my regular models: and out and around: Here is my new purchase - Safari Lamy pen! I bump into it by a chance and couldn't resist not to buy it, even if I would probably find it in a better price in Barcelona. So now it refilled with waterproof ink and ready to work! Can't wait meeting you all in BCN, to learn new approaches, to share my and to have fun, of course!