Pre Barcelona sketches

I'm counting down the days, four more left until I'm off to Barcelona USk Symposium! Checking out my art supplies, choosing the right sketchbook to take, thinking again about my workshop, trying to calm down...
Here are some random sketches done lately - at home with my regular models:

and out and around:

Here is my new purchase - Safari Lamy pen! I bump into it by a chance and couldn't resist not to buy it, even if I would probably find it in a better price in Barcelona. So now it refilled with waterproof ink and ready to work!
Can't wait meeting you all in BCN, to learn new approaches, to share my and to have fun, of course!


  1. מרינה - זה פשוט נפלא!
    פשוט יפהפה ומלא חיים.
    איזו התרגשות לקראת הכנס!

    1. תודה רבה, נטע יקירתי! נתראה בברצלונה!

  2. All the best for the simposium and your workshop. Unfortunately I need to wait for the next time to meet and learn with you, I missed the BCN simposium registration for a couple of hours.
    I cant wait to see BCN drawings within days!

  3. thank you, nelson! yes, next time for sure!

  4. Hi Marina! We didn't met at the symposium, I've discovered your work a little too late. Maybe next time :).

    By the way, I've seen your lamy, I doubt if buying it because I can't find waterproof ink. Which brand do you use?

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