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Happy New Beginnings!

New Year, new beginnings, new studio...  My colleague Hagit and me decided to combine our knowledge and skills into one team and launched the TANDEM - creative graphic design studio. This greeting card is our first common project. It is not so easy to work in tandem, but I think at least we've succeeded.  Here are some process - sketches, different proposals for character design and illustration style and so on:   O n the occasion of the coming 2013, I'm wishing you very happy, creative and prosper New Year!

Hanukkah Candle Lighting Tour in Jerusalem

Hanukkah's holidays are over - a lot of family meetings, tasty food and light, of course. Last Saturday we've took a trek through the burning oil laps in the Old City of Jerusalem. The experience was magnified with the special atmosphere of Jerusalem,the glowing candles in the darkness of the night. Here are some photos and sketches. selling pomegranate juice near walls of the Old City

Corner at Shenkin

Shenkin street is a perfect spot to capture a piece of urban life in Tel Aviv.


Last Saturday we've took Noa to a children's concert. Live music is always magic. playing Nutcracker

Sketching in Old Jaffa

This Saturday we went with our youngest daughter to see a show in a theater in Old Jaffa. It was a beautiful day, so we strolled Jaffa's colorful streets after the show. And of course, I took the opportunity to sketch. We ended up at Puah - it was a perfect day!