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Sketches from daily routine

Finally I've got to scan some pages from my current sketchbook, so here are some mixed stuff: my family and friends, street and indoor scenes - sketches from daily routine. Sketching during trips to exotic places is really fun, but finding stories in everyday life is real essence of urban sketching for me!

My first concert

Here are new illustrations I did for "Einayim" - children's magazine. The story is about the boy, who's dreaming to be a conductor. One day his uncle invites the boy to join him to a classic music concert, and the story is about the boy's experience of his first concert. I was trying to remember when I went to my very first concert. Listening live classic music is magic, but it should be real magic to experience it for the first time!

Election day

Elections in Israel are over, we've got a lot of fresh faces in the new parliament and everyone has their hopes for a better future. Here are some sketches I did during the holiday we've got at the elections day. I was looking for action, but everything was calm, people just enjoyed the day off and the beautiful weather. Finally, I found some action at the evening on... TV. So I did some portraits of the politicians, and it was fun!


A few days ago we've celebrated my son's, very serious electric guitar player, 15'th birthday. We've decided that the best way to celebrate is to go with whole the family to a rock concert. By a chance, we've found really great concert on his birthday date - 10 greatest Israel guitarists' reunion! It was real rock concert, with whole public standing and moving together with the beat. I didn't believe I could sketch, but after a while I pull out my sketchbook... and I have to admit  - sketching during a rock concert is really fun!