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Weekend in Prague

Here are some sketches I managed to do during the last weekend, I spent with my husband in Prague (his birthday present). Prague is really beautiful city, sometimes it's too beautiful - charming Old City's streets look as they taken direct from the Disneyland ;) Usually I don't fancy drawing places that are too pretty. But luckily, there are people around and they always give me subjects for my sketches. colors on the grey background of the Old City Square having beer and waiting for the jazz live jazz in one of Prague bars next evening out - Cuban music in another bar street musicians playing at farmers market lunch at famous Cafe Savoy  Sculpture at the park near Vltava river the last night at Pizza Nuova

Meeting Nefertiti at Tel Aviv

Urban sketcher always attracts people. It's easy to start conversation with someone sitting at the middle of the street and drawing his surrounding. It can be just a few words, someone would drop while passing by, or it can start real conversation and sometimes connection. Last time I met my friend and fellow sketcher Nathan at the "Congress Bazel" bar, our sketching meetings almost always accompanied by some food ;) After finishing plate with hummus and shawarma we had a perfect mood for sketching customers of this very typical Tel-Avian place. Suddenly, colorful woman with dreadlocks designed into a tall tower on her head approached our table and started to talk to us. After a while, he and her husband passed to seat with us and we continued chatting as an old friends and sketching them, of course! She told us the she's also an artist (sure!), she's painting on a flour kind of oriental carpets (she showed us pictures). She also communicates with